Thursday, March 5, 2009


There are two women who work in the department next to mine. That dept and mine are only separated by a wall about 5 and 1/2 feet tall, so we can hear a lot of what goes on over there. Those two girls (both under 35 yoa) often laugh many times everyday. I can't always hear what they are laughing at, but their laughter is very contagious and fun to listen to.

I often wish I could laugh that much. The problem is, I don't laugh out loud very often. I smile a lot and I laugh under my breath some. I enjoy a good joke or pun. I make silly comments and puns. It's all good times. But I don't laugh very much.

Here in the Sheriff's Office I hear men laugh quite a bit, especially the men in the Criminal Impact Unit. They laugh a lot. I really like to hear their laughter. Maybe they are laughing at criminals (criminals can be quite funny, you know).

For me, I find that men's laughter is more enjoyable to listen to than women's. Their laughter makes me happy. Sometimes women have high-pitched laughter that can grate on me. Sometime they make sounds like witch cackles or coyotes, but nevertheless I enjoy the laughing.

Have I told you that when Jen and I used to work together on her algebra at the kitchen table, sometimes we got to laughing and we would laugh on different pitches but in the same rhythm? It was like laughing a duet. And then that would make us laugh more. Good times.

So today, let's try to find something funny enough to make us laugh out loud. It activates the immune system and decreases the stress hormone.


Jen said...

Those were the good ol' days. I love to laugh. And I'm loud and obnoxious about it. But I think most people enjoy it. I hope it's not grating...

Momstheword said...

It was so fun when we got together at Kay's last January. It's been a long time since I've heard so much laughing. I think there was some cackling and even some snorts but can't swear to it!