Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Random Thoughts

The weather has been pretty good lately. It has had a slight drop in the temperature. Yay!

My husband has had the flu since Thursday. He was feeling better this morning but still not up to par, whatever that is. He did go to work today.

Last night I had my first ground chicken hamburger. It was really good. I flavored it with garlic, pepper and basil.

Speaking of food, it's on my mind quite a lot. Way too much. I wish I was one of those people who only think of food when they are hungry. But alas, food and I are best friends. Sometimes it thinks it's in charge of me. Bad friend!

I am getting information to write a paper about the Larimer County Sheriff "For Significant Contributions in Improving the Quality of Justice in Larimer County." I am nominating him for the Conrad Ball Award. The paper can only be two pages long, but before I started researching, I didn't know many details. Now I could write a five- or ten-page paper. It may be difficult holding it to two pages. You may ask, Queen, why is it that out of all of the personnel at the Sheriff's Office, you are the one to write the paper. It is because I think the Sheriff deserves to be nominated and no one else has volunteered to do it.

Daughter had a World's Fair with one of her school classes. I thought it sounded like a fun idea. Behind every fun idea, there is a group of parents and teachers who are working hard to help the students do what needs to be done.

At church on Saturday evening, February 14, Gary and I will be going to a Valentine's Banquet. We are having lasagna and garlic bread. I'm helping prepare some of the garlic bread. That whole meal may put me under the weather. Oh well, into every life some rain must fall.


Kay Day said...

why garlic? Why? It's valentine's day. Maybe it's ok since you will both be eating it.

Robin said...

Funny Kay about the garlic :)

Queen have you tried a lean turkey burger - I'd eat them more often but they cost about as much as steak...

Momstheword said...

I must have overlooked this blog. I also wondered about the garlic :) By the way, how is the "weather up there"?