Thursday, February 5, 2009

Michael Jordan

We have Michael Jordan's distant cousin living at our house. It's our dog.

When Gary is sitting in his computer chair and Riley wants to get on his lap, he does a vertical jump that looks like he is doing a quick floating upwards with no effort. I think he really is an athlete.

Of course when he sits on the back of the couch and I'm sitting on the couch, when he jumps down on my leg, he feels like he's 50 pounds. He's really only about 13 pounds.

When he gets up on Gary's lap, he often tries to get on his chest. Gary holds him there and then he stretches out with his paws and kind of pets Gary and licks his ear. Riley is very affectionate and a little bit demanding. Good times!


Momstheword said...

Aw! You guys and your dogs! I'll bet you pet that dog more than you pet A. :0)

Robin said...

Cute post :)

QOTW said...

We definitely pet the dog more than we pet Aaron. Aaron couldn't take it. I did hug and kiss on him a lot when he was a baby, though.

Jessican said...

awww....your pup sounds ultra cute. More dog pics, please.