Friday, January 2, 2009

The Daughter's Visit

Jen has been home for two weeks today. She and I have had a good time. While she is used to having a lot of personal time and space, we have been able to spend a lot of time together. I have enjoyed the activities we have done.

We have watched "White Christmas" and several other movies (some with the rest of the family). We have cooked several meals together. We drove to Denver to go shopping. We went to Estes Park to see the mountains (they were wonderful and beautiful). We went to Colorado Springs to have a family Christmas dinner. We are going to Castle Rock today to meet up with friends from Pueblo. Tomorrow we are going to Parker to have a get-together with some other family members. We also have gone to church together and stayed for a potluck lunch.

So, all the time that we have spent in the car, we have talked. For hours. More talking than we have done in years. If you know us both, you know we can talk up a storm.

We have eaten at restaurants several times, and it has been great. We'll probably eat out one more time with all the fam before Jen leaves, probably at Consuelo's Mexican Restaurant in Fort Collins. It has really good food.

Jen has changed quite a bit in her philosophy since she lived at home. We have talked about some of those things, but because we see some things from different viewpoints now, we have tried not to dwell on the differences. We have mostly succeeded.

I have really enjoyed having someone to do things and go places with. Aaron and Gary are willing sometimes, but Jen is willing most of the time. I will miss her when she goes home.


Momstheword said...

Can't wait to see her! Bring fresh voices because we'll all be talking a lot. So nice that you guys like each other. :)

Robin said...

Sounds like you two have had a great time!

Jessican said...

Reminds me a lot of my visits home to see my mother. Sounds like you guys had a blast. Hope you both had great holidays!