Thursday, January 15, 2009

13 Thursday Songs of My Childhood

1. Goodbye Old Paint, I'm a leavin' Cheyenne

2. You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine

3. Catch a Falling Star and Put It in Your Pocket

4. Que Sera Sera, Whatever Will Be Will Be

5. Make New Friends But Keep the Old

6. Everything's Alright in My Father's House

7. You Can Smile When You Can't Say a Word

8. Jesus and Others and You

9. My Lord Knows the Way through the Wilderness

10. Tis the Land Where the Columbines Grow

11. High, Betty Martin, Tip Toe, Tip Toe

12. Ring the Bells of Heaven

13. Pony Boy, Pony Boy

My sister and I had a little red record player when we were little. Some of these songs were on the red records. Others I learned from camp, church, TV and Girl Scouts.


Momstheword said...

Aw, I remember that little record player (I think). Some of those songs are unfamiliar to me but I am sure they're very lovely.

Robin said...

I remember number 8 from VBS.

Urgent Prayer Request

My brother, Robert is very congested and saw a doctor earlier (officially yesterday afternoon). The doctor wasn’t concerned so much about his sore throat, but most concerned about his heart rate it was almost 200 while he was just sitting in the office. The doctor told him he needed to admit to the hospital ASAP, but he said no because he doesn’t have health insurance - so he left the office with RX for antibiotics. He called me about 2:00 am asking what to do because his heart felt like it’s beating out of his chest - I told him he needs to follow his doctor’s advice and get to the hospital. I asked him if he needed me to call an ambulance and he said NO… he’s on his way to a hospital in TX, but I don’t know which one… Please pray!

QOTW said...

I will pray, Robin.

Robin said...

Thanks Queen for praying for my brother. He made it to the ER and is now back home. The doctor he saw yesterday gave him a medication to lower his heart rate (but it actually ended up being the wrong medication and it increased his heart rate instead). The ER doctor gave him something to counteract the medication from the first doctor. Please continue to pray for him as he recovers from his respiratory illness also. Thanks!

Robin said...

Update - My brother and I talked on Wednesday night and he sounded so horrible (sore throat) that I decided to let him rest for a few days before trying to talk again. Well, he called me this evening to let me know that he had been life flighted to the hospital when his heart stopped. I guess it stopped three times. He was taking Mucinex and some other RX medications that didn't work well together. He does not have health insurance. Please continue to pray for him.