Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

I have been on vacation since Friday, 122311. My vacation was supposed to start on Saturday, but the county commissioners decided to allow all county employees to have a half day of paid time off on Friday (saying "off on" disturbs me a little, but I'm leaving it in). It was a wonderful gift, especially just before Christmas. I had already planned to be off through January 2. My husband has been on vacation as well. We really haven't done much, but it's been nice to be home together.

We actually haven't had Christmas with our daughter Jen yet (she's in China). We had mailed a Christmas box to her on 121911,which was the last day for international packages to be delivered before Christmas; that is, if the box went through Customs alright. Well, on Wednesday, two days later the box came back to us--we had forgotten to sign the mailing statement. It wasn't just our problem. The Post Office person who originally took our box to mail it, did not notice that the label wasn't signed, even though she looked over the whole thing to make sure it was all filled out.

We had thought we were going to have to pay for the box all over again ($80), but when we mailed it the second time, the guy at the Post Office said we didn't have to pay that amount again. We just had to pay almost another $20 because we had added a couple more things to a larger box. Anyway the box didn't get mailed until Friday of that week. We were told that it was still possible that the box might arrive before Christmas. Well, this is the 30th, and we have not yet heard that Jen has received her box. I hope she gets it before we have to go back to work so we can still have Christmas with her.

Mostly this Christmas season has been great! We have enjoyed the time and the gifts. We are thankful that God gave the very best gift for the world, His only begotten son, full of grace and truth.

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