Saturday, April 19, 2008

From someone else who knows and loves you!

I thought long and hard about getting involved in this because of my belief that I'm always right, but I just couldn't stay away - sorry! Hope to be brief - yah, right!

I believe as you all have said that you must have both "being" and "doing" in the Christian life. I also believe that "being" is most important because that will prompt the quality (Holy Spirit leadership) and quantity of "doing". The deeper your "being" is, the more being Spirit-led and making right choices of "doing" will come about.

Remember, the "being" part of a Christian life is a growing process (a renewing of the mind). When we are children, we think and speak as children. I don't believe most children have the ability to come to that deeper "being" aspect of the Christian life. I believe childhood is the time to learn the "doing" part (the dreaded lists). Just think back to all of the good and sometimes great preachers, pastors and teachers you've sat under for spiritual guidance (I realize they all don't fit into this category). Are you saying that during all the messages, Sunday school lessons, Bible classes from kindergarten through college there weren't any who taught anything about "being"? Or perhaps they did and you, as most of us, weren't able to process that type of teaching until you became old and mature enough for the Holy Spirit to prompt you about your "being" in Christ.

And let me just say (and we've had this discussion many times) there are too many Christians in leadership who spend way too much time on the "doing" and not enough on the "being". But remember, for the most part as we get older we choose, hopefully under God's leadership, where and how much we "do". If we place ourselves in so much "doing" that we don't have time or don't allow emphasis on the "being" part of our Christianity, whose fault is it? Sometime we get ourselves into so much to "do" we can't write a blog all weekend :-). If we have been placed among folks that think we should "do" at all costs and not go to the desert once in a while, who's fault is it? You may say "the Lord's fault" for placing me here. Hmmmmmm...?

I struggle with this every Sunday and Thursday of my life these days. I don't get paid for serving, it's not my "job" so why shouldn't I just take this time for myself? I'm tired, I don't feel well, etc. Sometimes that argument wins out, sometimes I go because of what others will think if I don't and sometimes I go because it allows my pastor to spend more time concentrating on the preaching of the Word and gives direction to the Lord's day concerning music and because I enjoy it and it's the right thing to "do". I have to make that choice and I find that it's going to be made from the place and depth of my "being" in Christ. Oh, this doesn't mean that I won't take time to go to the desert once in a while, especially when I need it.

So we need to get as "deep" as the Holy Spirit will take us, but remember it's a growing thing. We need to ask the Lord to put us in a place we can best continue that growth and not let the "doing" get in the way. That means we have the option, if possible to get away to the desert, even if it's just down to the beach to spend some time with the Lord. Also we need not get to the place where we are only about "being" and not at all about "doing". I fear God will no longer need us here if that's where we are.

And remember (this is the last "and remember"), it's not just about what we didn't learn as a child that will make a difference about today. It's what we learn through the leading of the Holy Spirit today and tomorrow, and the day after that that will make the difference.

Hope this helps and doesn't compound the confusion. And please, no applause, just send money!

BTW, this is not from your mom but from someone else who knows and love you!


Jen said...

First of all, you need to start your own blog. You're a great writer! I loved it.

Secondly, you're right about everything you said. I agree with both you and mom. I love what you both have to say.

I get the whole "teaching your kids write from wrong" and using lists to do that. Until they have the leading of the Holy Spirit (salvation) and are able to recognize that it's Him, there have to be some guidelines. And I also agree with Matt's comments on the last blog about the lists I'm thinking of and the list mom mentioned are two different lists. Kind of. But I don't think I can explain it yet.

I just don't think the bridge was ever made between living by a list and living by a relationship. I think in a conservative Christian community, lists are given. Just like in a liberal Christian community, it's all about spirituality and emotion. There's got to be a connection made between the two, especially for a child. Just think how much healthier our churches would be if we could teach our kids that doing doing ministry is not done because they have to or because it's expected of them, but getting them to do it because they want to. And on the other hand, wouldn't it be great to teach our kids that just sitting in a pew or raising their hands and shedding a tear during a worship service isn't living the Christian life either.

It's a hard balance to find.

I wrote that original post for a friend who is struggling with this very thing. You both got caught up the kids being taught (where I completely see your point)...

But it was intended to encourage this friend that there was another way to live than just by lists. And how important it is to "be" in God because just "doing" will never renew your spirit. Only learning to "be" can do that.

I've enjoyed this discussion. Really. Thanks for getting involved. Both of you. I love you!!!

QOTW said...

You're a good girl, Jen. Thanks for the comment. Mom

Robin said...

Great post. What you said makes lots of sense... Thanks!

Momstheword said...

QOTW, remember your mother's friend who got so caught up in "doing" Child Evangelism classes that she was never home, and one of her kids ended up getting into trouble and going to jail? I don't remember her name. She was doing "doing" instead of doing "being".

Momstheword said...

Hi, G. I like this lesson almost as much as I like the one about position vs practice.