Thursday, April 17, 2008

13 Things I Would Like to Do

NOT things I'm necessarily going to do.

1. Learn to play the guitar
2. Write a book about sisters who become pioneers
3. Write a book of devotionals
4. Write a book of ladies programs
5. Have grandchildren
6. See the presidents in North Dakota and Yellowstone Park in Wyoming
7. Lose a lot of weight
8.Lead some people to Christ
9.Whittle down our belongings to a manageable level
10.Learn some French
11. Read 1000+ books
12. Do some good
13. Take a painting class


Jen said...

You had to mention the grandchildren, didn't you.

Hey, where's your comment on my post? Too afraid to answer or just didn't read it or don't know what to say? Think I'm a heathen?

Julie said...

I think Jens a heathen and I haven't even read her post yet. Well, not really- but she has the potential. I like you list. I think you should have about 12 grandbabys. Maybe more! I think you should learn to play the banjo or the mouth harp.

Kay said...

I think you probably have already done some good.
And maybe even read at least 1000 books.

Momstheword said...

I think the book of ladies' programs would be the easiest, much easier than getting those grandkids right away. First we have to help your kids find spouses. :)

Jen said...

Why are we discussing my child bearing potential?

QOTW said...

Jen, you take everything so personally!! Mom

Jen said...

Oh, you were speaking about your other childbearing children? Sorry, my bad! :OP

QOTW said...

Have any of you ever noticed that some people's children are rude??!!

Robin said...

Great List :)

I too would like 3, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12and in about 20 years number 5. I've probably read more than 1,000 books, but want to keep reading :)

Poor Jen - I feel your pain... I lived your pain, but now that I've procreated the heat is off... but don't rush :) to get the heat off the wrong marriage would be more heat than you have now :)