Thursday, February 28, 2008

Movers and Shakers

My husband and I have moved 26 times in our married lives. Our children, piano and dog have moved many of those times. Now one child has moved away, the lovely dog died and we traded the petite piano in for a small spinnet. However, the husband and wife still remain.

Our moves have included 4 states, 8 cities, and 26 different houses. For each move we have gotten rid of boxes and/or truckloads of stuff. We have cleaned and reorganized. We have thrown out and given away more stuff than the world has ever seen in any one dumping ground in any large metropolis on this planet. We could have supplied clothes and furniture for 5-10 families.

Based on that information, you would think that means we hardly own anything. Not so! The truth is that if we were to move again we would need to again get rid of boxes and truckloads of stuff. When stuff seems to start cloning itself and when the windows need to be washed, we know it's time to start thinking about moving. I'm thinking about it.

It's mostly exciting and fun to move--getting to know the city, the grocery store, the post office, the parks, the fast food places, the restaurants. One mainstay of most of our city moves has been that they were mostly made because my husband took a position in a church as pastor, associate pastor, music director or principal. I, as the "little woman" (I'm not really all that little) got to go along. I have learned to like the nomadic life style. And God has always blessed us.

I hope all the moves in your life and mine are in God's will and will be the adventures we hope for.

Added note: As for the "shakers" part of this blog. Sometimes some of us who are well-endowed in many places could be known as "shakers". Oh, yes, we might as well acknowledge it.


Jen said...

I vote for a move in this direction. I'd love to have you closer. It'd give you another move and another state to add to your list.

Hmm...I've figured out that I've lived in five different states. Two of them two different times(Colorado and Indiana). And I've moved (not including college dorms and only counting your Ft. Collins moves a couple of times) 17 times in my lifetime. Five times since I've graduated college. It's a nomadic life for us.

Momstheword said...

We moved quite a bit when I was growing up but it was all around the same town. :) I have a daughter that has moved a considerable number of times, too. Only once did my DH and I not help pack or something. That was a move back home from another state. I like having her somewhat within reach. A couple of hours away. The other daughter is about 12 hours away, depending on how fast you drive. I love keeping in touch with the blogs and the IMs.

Kay said...

We've moved 13 times in 14 years. So by the time we're married as long as you are we may win!
I hope not. I would love to stay right here for a long time.

Julie said...

I hate to move! I hate to wash windows too, but I hate to move more, and I have to wash all of the windows this spring. It might be easier to move. The carpets worn out so maybe it is time. Oh, still can't get rid of that other child,huh? I might write a blog about him, would you like that?

Toia said...

I moved a few times but it was not out of state all in the same county.

MondaythroughSunday said...

I really enjoyed this post! Moving..argh!

I came over from Kay's blog and wanted to say HELLO!!

QOTW said...

I enjoyed the comments. Jen, I don't know if I'm up for moving to a new state or city. Maybe sometime. Momstheword, 2 hours away is good. Twelve or 30+ not so good. Kay, you may end up being the winner (or weiner or whiner). Julie, you may have to bite the bullet. Wash the windows if you're not willing to move. Moving is more interesting, though. Toia, moving broadens your horizons. Even in the same county.

QOTW said...

And MondaythroughSunday, hello to you too. Nice to hear from you.

Laura said...

I've moved a bit...I think I figured out 16 times in 39 years...not including dorm, I should be used to this by's not working. I still hate packing, and moving clear across teh country...not my idea of fun, though I do love learning the new town!