Thursday, May 3, 2012

Meeting with Strangers

I stayed home from work on Monday so I could be at home to meet with the sprinkler guy who was turning on the sprinklers and seeing if there were any problems. Even though the day wasn't an exceptional vacation day, it was a very nice day. I watched a movie, played online Scrabble, read, did a little housework.

Today is Thursday, and I'm taking this day off as well. I had to meet with the air conditioning guy. I'm pleased to say the air conditioner is working very well. So happy. We've had a mix of using the air and the heat during the last couple of weeks. Yay for spring in Colorado!

I had to go to the store earlier today, and so I stopped at a Chinese buffet near here for lunch. It's not wonderful food, but it's inexpensive and I found some things I liked. I really love Chinese food, and not just because my daughter is Chinese. Our whole family is partly Mexican and just a tiny bit Italian--pizza/spaghetti Italian.

So tomorrow is Friday. It has been great to only work three days this week. This is definitely a schedule I could get used to. I never used to even think about retirement, but the last year or two it's definitely been on my mind. It seems like it's going to take too long to get there. Oh well. I need to be careful not to wish my life away.

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