Saturday, February 25, 2012

Edgar and Audie

I have been fascinated with two very different individuals. I think I was a teenager when I first heard about Edgar Cayce. He was a man who claimed to "know" things. Other people believed he knew things as well. He was able to put himself to sleep while lying on a couch and then he would answer any number of questions about many topics. He seemed to know things from the past, the present and the future. He was a "psychic." Since the time of his death in 1945 his "prophecies" and "readings" have been collected along with books and articles written about him into a museum of sorts. From what I have read now he is even more well known than he was in his lifetime.

When I was a teen and reading about Cayce, I didn't really believe he had powers or abilities. I guess now as an adult, I've changed my thinking about him and others like him. I think that if they have abilities, they come from Satan. We know that God does not use people to prophesy since the Bible was written. We also know that back then there were people who "knew" things outside of God's influence and were called "witches." There was a woman in the New Testament who was used to make money for some men because she could "prophesy." After she trusted Christ as Savior, her abilities went away. God changed her and she could no longer be used by Satan.

While reading about Edgar is very interesting, I wouldn't think it would be wise to do an all-out study of him and his "readings." I believe the more we are fascinated by ungodly things, the more power they can have over us.

Another man who fascinated me in my life was Audie Murphy. I first became aware of him as an actor in black-and-white westerns and war movies. I found out he had been a World War II hero, and as a matter of fact he was the most decorated soldier of World War II, receiving 33 awards including the highest honors possible. He personally saved or directed the soldiers under his command to save many, many people during battle. He was a fearless fighter and an extremely accurate marksman.

Audie was put on the cover of Life Magazine as the most decorated soldier of the War where his picture was seen by James Cagney who invited him to Hollywood. He became an actor and acted in 44 movies, some with small parts and others as the lead. He had written his biography, To Hell and Back, and it was turned into a major motion picture with him as the reluctant star (he wanted Tony Curtis to play his part). It was Universal's top grossing movie until Jaws. I thought he was wonderful and made wonderful and inspiring movies.

Audie even wrote some country western songs, some of which became famous. He was an amazing man with many talents.

Because Audie Murphy was a small man when he tried to enlist in the service (5'5 1/2" and 110 pounds), he had a hard time getting into the service. Several of the armed services turned him down, but he was finally accepted into the Army. What an impact he had on many people's lives.

I think he is one of my personal heroes.

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